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About Us

The secret formula for Digital Identity Checking

Digital Footprint Check is an aggregated set of tools that allows searching of publicly available information from a variety of data sources.

Search publicly available information to validate online personas. Protect yourself and family against Catfishers, Scammers, Predators and other Bad Actors. Perfect for online dating, pre-employment checking and online gaming.

Online Safety Features

Our product protects from Identity Fraud and enhances Online Safety


Data Breach Detection

This feature continuously monitors various databases and sources on the dark web and the internet for any signs of leaked or stolen personal information. This includes checking for compromised email addresses, passwords, and other sensitive data.


Email Address Tracking

This feature traces the use of an individual's email addresses across different platforms. It benefits users by uncovering potential connections and activities that might not be visible through other digital traces, enhancing the comprehensiveness of a digital footprint analysis.


Public Record Integration

By incorporating information from public records, this feature offers a more holistic view of an individual's digital presence, including legal, professional, and academic histories. This can be crucial for background checks, identity verification, and credibility assessment.


Web History and Search Result Audit

This feature scans web history and search engine results, providing a clear overview of one's online footprint. It evaluates search result appearances, flags sensitive information, and offers continuous tracking with alerts for new mentions or changes. Tailored recommendations for improving search result presence are also provided​


Social Media Analysis

This tool conducts an in-depth analysis of social media profiles, scrutinizing posts, likes, and comments to assess public image, identify risky or controversial content, and offer insights into profile alignment with personal branding. It also monitors engagement levels to suggest optimal online behaviors


Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is a process used by employers to verify the background and qualifications of job applicants. This screening typically includes checking the candidate's employment history, education, criminal record, credit history, and other relevant information.


Plans Table

STARTERMost Popular$9.99

  • 10 searches per month
  • Data breach checking
  • Online profile checking
  • Phone number checking
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BUSINESSMost Popular$29.99

  • 60 searches per month
  • Data breach checking
  • Online profile checking
  • Phone number checking
  • Web reporting
  • Criminal Records (US Only)
  • Geo Location
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Social Media Checking
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